Tracto Coin

What Is Tracto Coin?

One of the main concerns people have about money transfer is the hidden fees. Even if the bank is transparent about the money they charge you for money transfers, standard fees cost a lot. According to Bank Fee Finder, an average American pays almost $330 every year in fees.

Centralized vs Decentralized

Online transaction companies have lower fees but they come with problems of their own. A service like PayPal has all of the power over your transactions and can cancel them any time they want. They can even close your account without an explanation. In other words, they have full control in every situation.

That’s why people who want to retain control over their payments and transactions use crypto. Digital currencies give people the freedom to bypass all of the fees, regulations, and other inconveniences. However, most crypto platforms are centralized. That’s a huge problem most people seem to ignore.

Centralized platforms simply offer too little safety. In the last decade, there were 56 registered cyber-attacks on centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms. That means you need to find a fully decentralized platform if you want to stay completely safe. And that’s where Tracto comes into play.

How is Tracto Different from Other Platforms?

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Tracto is not just trying to cash in on the popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum but also be a platform that offers something more. Their main goal is to provide users around the world with a secure and free-of-charge method of making crypto and fiat transactions.

They don’t want their users to spend countless dollars on transaction fees, so they’re trying to keep them as low as possible. Furthermore, they’re trying to give businesses that have embraced crypto a chance to give their customers a user-friendly service by making their transactions lightning quick.

How Tracto Coin Works

As mentioned, you need a decentralized network if you want your crypto assets to stay as safe as possible. Tracto is a completely decentralized network that uses its own currency Tracto Coin (abbreviated TRCT). Right now, the coin operates on the Ethereum network but that will probably change soon.

People behind Tracto Coin are currently working on their blockchain. This will make things go a lot smoother and make transactions even more secure. Not to mention that it’ll also allow users to mine for Tracto Coin just as they mine for Bitcoin.

Here’s how Tracto works in a nutshell:

Who Should Use Tracto Coin?

People who are worried about the safety of their crypto assets should look into using Tracto Coin. Although the cryptocurrency is still quite new, it’s more than worthy of your attention. At the moment, there are 70 million TRCTs in circulation and the number will grow when the user-base becomes larger.